Smithsonian’s National Zoo

(Visited 9 October 2016) Created by an act of Congress in 1899, the National Zoo is a small but well-respected zoo in our nation’s capital. While it is dwarfed by many larger zoos in larger cities, it is home to about 1800 animals including what is probably the most visited animals at the zoo, the Giant Pandas. The originals (Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing) who were gifts from China in 1972, are no longer living. The Giant Pandas now at the zoo are on loan from China.

 img_20161009_143051171-2 img_20161009_143302775_hdr-2 img_20161009_144014704-2 img_20161009_144959195-2 img_20161009_145248380-2 img_20161009_145413201-2 img_20161009_145449632-2 img_20161009_145524452-2 img_20161009_150032106-2 img_20161009_150144081-2 img_20161009_150239466-2 img_20161009_150445352-2 img_20161009_150526966_hdr-2 img_20161009_150638821-2 img_20161009_150707949-2 img_20161009_150722408-2 img_20161009_150956641-2 img_20161009_151008026-2 img_20161009_151824920-2 img_20161009_151928455_hdr-2 img_20161009_154949572_hdr-2 img_20161009_160607800-2 img_20161009_160708871-2 img_20161009_160816198-2




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