Jackie Kennedy home

JFK in Georgetown

(Visited 16 September 2016) Founded in 1751, Georgetown was a port city along the Potomac River 40 years before Washington D.C. was established. It’s now a destination for shopping and eating and is full of history, including Georgetown University which was founded in 1789 and is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit University in the United States. Two of the famous residents of Georgetown were Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy. Here are a few points of interest related to the Kennedy’s in Georgetown.

JFK Home
1528 31st Street was JFK’s home while he served in the Congress beginning in 1946.
JFK Home
JFK lived at 3260 N Street when he begin serving in the Senate in 1952.
Martin's Tavern
Martin’s Tavern is on the corner at 1264 Wisconsin Avenue. JFK fans say that JFK proposed to Jackie here on June 24, 1953.
Kennedy home
This home at 3321 Dent Place is where JFK and Jackie first lived after being married but only lived here about 5 months in 1953-54.
JFK house
The Kennedys lived at 3307 N Street while JFK was running for president. They lived here until January 1961 when they moved into the White House.
Joseph Aslop's house
This house at 2720 Dumbarton Street was owned by a journalist named Joseph Alsop. JFK came here to “party” after his inauguration. Rumor has it that Aslop’s home was also used for JFK’s extracurricular activities.
Holy Trinity Church
The Kennnedys attended Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, including JFK when he was in the House and Senate. JFK worshiped here on the Feast of All Saints, 1 Nov 63, shortly before he was assassinated on 22 Nov 63.
Jackie Kennedy home
Jackie bought this house at 3017 N Street after JFK was assassinated but moved to New York in 1964.




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